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EV Rider CityCruzer 4 Wheel Scooter Review


Numerous mobility scooters are available on the market, each with various designs, dimensions, and brand names. However, they all have the same fundamental parts, including a frame, battery, motor, and control system. First, you should define the qualities you require most in a mobility scooter to select the best scooter suitable for your requirements.

Scooters with four wheels give users the most stability and power for an all-terrain ride. Although more recent models can be disassembled and moved in this manner, they are typically heavier and more challenging to transport. Due to their four wheels, these scooters are more difficult to maneuver in narrow spaces and can be heavy.

To help you make your decision with sufficient information, we will review EV Rider CityCruzer 4 Wheel Scooter in detail in this article. Let’s discuss the details depending on the main features we mentioned at the beginning without further ado.

With EV Rider CityCruzer, you can go off-road to areas such as gravel, grass, dirt, or hills without any trouble.It no longer travels as far on a single battery as it once did after using it frequently for a few years.
It can handle people with extreme weights without trouble, so you do not need to worry about weight limitations. Putting on more weight on this mobility scooter only affects the battery life per one full charge.The battery can’t keep a full charge after using it every day frequently for a year, and it drains more quickly than usual.
You can easily disassemble the scooter when you need to travel by car or plane. When disassembling, it is small enough to fit into an average car’s trunk.Both issues above force you to change the battery to fix the problem, which means adding a new battery for the CityCruzer yearly in your budget to be safe.
The CityCruzer is made of high-quality materials so that you can use this vehicle for many years without any decay. If you encounter issues with the product, unfortunately, the company’s customer service is not easy to reach or qualified enough to handle the problems quickly.

Who Is EV Rider Citycruzer 4 Wheel Scooter For?

It’s not always obvious when someone needs a mobility scooter, unlike requirements like hearing aids or spectacles. Still, it’s a terrific idea for anyone with mobility issues. 

If you are having trouble getting around but are hesitant to try a mobility scooter, make sure you are taking more breaks, using a walker or cane, or thinking about switching to other modes of transportation.

In general, just like wheelchairs, mobility scooters should only be used as a last resort. A mobility scooter such as this one, though, can be helpful if you’ve done everything else and still have problems getting around.

Smaller scooters, such as EV Rider’s CityCruzer, are easier to maneuver, especially ones with short wheelbases. This specification also facilitates their more accessible transportation in a vehicle without complete disassembly.

It has a fair price because shorter wheel-based scooters typically don’t offer the smoothest ride because of their smaller-diameter wheels. With regard to small wheels, the size of the wheels does matter. Still, generally speaking, the difference is not apparent with the larger scooters. 

The dilemma is also between buying a power chair or a mobility scooter. Power chairs can’t handle rougher terrain, as well as scooters. In general, they are a superior option for outdoor use. A distinct control mechanism that demands less motor coordination is also present in them.

A power chair is more straightforward to maneuver than a scooter and works better indoors. Due to reduced exercise, those who use power chairs may gain weight. Users should seek professional advice before choosing a suitable form of exercise.

So, if you are looking for a portable and durable vehicle that will help you or your elder to handle day-to-day life chores without needing any assistance from others, you might consider EV Rider’s CityCruzer as a fantastic alternative.

Features of EV Rider CityCruzer 4 Wheel Scooter 

Portability & Storage ★★★★★

A wheeled platform with the driving unit and batteries, controls, hand rests, and a seat are the main components of an electric mobility scooter. The CityCruzer scooter is a fully suspended transportable scooter available on the market.

The CityCruzer’s simplicity of operation is what we appreciate about them the most. These scooters feature control that is intuitive rather than a joystick. Additionally, this scooter is simple to disassemble and put in the trunk of your car whenever you need it.

This vehicle is preferable for rocky terrain and slopes since they have more traction than front-wheel drive vehicles. The platform and driving unit is constructed of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite. The driving head and dashboard instruments are also covered.

Size, ground clearance, and turning radius should all be taken into account while choosing a scooter because they all have an impact on maneuverability. EV Rider CityCruzer has a compact design. It gives the user more excellent maneuverability because it has a four-wheel scooter’s stability and a three-wheeler’s turning radius. 

This mobility scooter is the only compact, disassembling scooter on the market with a standard-size transaxle and mono-shock suspension.

This scooter can be the best choice if you intend to transport your mobility scooter by vehicle or flight. It can be folded, is small, or is simple to disassemble. To ensure that the scooter will fit when stowed, it is also crucial to consider the product’s dimensions before purchasing. If you don’t want to disassemble the scooter each time for convenience’s sake, a ramp or lift may also be used.

Speed & Battery ★★★☆☆

You can hold onto a regular T-shaped tiller with both hands and have the manual dexterity to operate the speed controls and other features like turn signals. Most scooters need to be pushed continuously to move forward and backward.

The brakes will activate solely when the throttle lever is released from pressure. For those who struggle with hand strength and manual dexterity, CityCruzer is relatively effortless to operate with either hand.

This scooter comes with a fair battery, especially considering its price. While its weight with the battery included is 126,7 lbs, without the battery, it weighs 96,8 lbs. This vehicle has a rechargeable battery of 20AH. You can use AC input with 100-240V and 24V with 1,5 amp output. It has a cruising range of ten to thirteen miles. 

Seating & Controls ★★★★☆

Considering the weight of the scooter is the most significant component when choosing your vehicle, ensuring that you can lift it yourself or with the aid of a caregiver is extremely important.

The CityCruzer, which has a 285 lb load capacity and four wheels, can transport heavier people with a steadiness uncommon in portable scooters. The folding mobility seat offers thick cushions and flip-up or laterally adjustable armrests.

If you want to ride your scooter for the majority of the day, you might also need to think about investing in a full-sized four-wheel mobility scooter with a plush, contoured seat, such as CityCruzer. Generally speaking, a captain’s seat provides the most comfort and support. A portable or travel scooter like this one is better suited for short journeys because of its smaller size and less padded seat.

Value for Money ★★★★☆

In addition to being a lifestyle option, a mobility scooter is a medical gadget. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate one for you. Otherwise, you risk squandering money or selecting a scooter that is neither the safest nor the most pleasant.

This vehicle is a compact mobility scooter that may be folded or disassembled for transport and is only intended for usage on the pavement. Sometimes people refer to them as boot scooters.

A boot scooter can be a fantastic option if you can drive or have access to a car and you’re searching for something to take you short distances, perhaps to go shopping in a town center or for a day out with your family.

It can get more challenging to move around as people age. The CityCruzer can be beneficial in this situation, especially while going to the store, the mall, or even simply taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.


Mobility scooters offer much more than just convenience. They can improve the lives of senior citizens who might otherwise be unable to leave the house. As people live longer, it becomes increasingly crucial to maintain independence in older age.

A mobility scooter such as EV Rider CityCruzer 4 Wheel Scooter can help those who are losing the capacity to walk independently remain independent and in contact with their loved ones.

This product has a fantastic price versus performance ratio compared to the mobility scooters similar to EV Rider’s CityCruzer. You or your beloved elderly kin can enjoy rooming outside without needing assistance with a good quality and budget-friendly mobility scooter.





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